ensemble Tesse

Ensemble Tesse, derived from the Latin word “Tesserae” meaning the individuality of each mosaic piece that only becomes complete in the final work, is a variable geometry group of six acclaimed Montreal musicians.

Ensemble Tesse engaged in collective creation processes that are present in other art forms, bringing together diverse personalities for collaborative research and exploration. The group’s interests range from improvisation and composition to creation in a broad and conceptual sense, all aiming to co-create original musical works.

The versatility of each member’s musical skills (contemporary and classical music, free improvisation, composition, and production) enables ensemble Tesse to develop rich and innovative projects that align with the cultural and societal concerns of our time.

Ensemble Tesse draws inspiration from the creative processes of other art forms to offer a fresh perspective on musical creation and engage with diverse audiences.

Ofer Pelz : piano, co-artistic director
Marilène Provencher-Leduc : flutes, co-artistic director
Charlotte Layec : clarinets
Noam Bierstone : percussions
Audréanne Filion:  cello
Gabriel Trottier : horn