ensemble Tesse

Ensemble Tesse, has created six new works for their latest project. Using the Concertante formula, which originated from classical, baroque, or romantic musical traditions, they have adapted it to suit their ensemble’s unique nature, which is a combination of improvisation and collective creation.

To create each piece, the group began with personal improvisations, which they shared with one another. They then worked collaboratively during their ensembles’ laboratories to refine and adapt the semi-improvised accompaniments. The result is a 45-minute concert-film consisting of six concertos and interludes, including a duet, two trios, a quartet, and two sextets, each lasting between 5 to 8 minutes.

This project allows Ensemble Tesse to showcase the different colors and instrumental combinations they have to offer, resulting in a rich and varied soundscape that offers a unique narrative experience. 

This project is presented in collaboration with Groupe le Vivier and has received the support of the Conseil des Arts et Lettre du Québec within the framework of the Initiatives structurantes en circulation d’œuvres de la relève au Québec as well as the support of the Canada Council for the Arts within the framework of the program Présent numérique for its creation.


Audréanne Filion: cello
Marilène Provencher-Leduc: flutes
Ofer Pelz: piano
Charlotte Layec: bass clarinet
Noam Bierstone: percussion
Gabriel Trottier*: horn

Artistic directors :
Ofer Pelz and Marilène Provencher-Leduc

Ofer Pelz, Marilène Provencher-Leduc and Charlotte Layec

Ensemble Tesse

Director of production:
Ofer Pelz

Co-director of production :
Marilène Provencher Leduc

Director and Editor :
Rémi Hermoso

Co-director :
Ofer Pelz

Lights design :
Rémi Hermoso and Ofer Pelz

Director of Photography :
Rémi Hermoso

Scenographic advice :
Jean-Frédéric Messier

Cameras :
Esther Shpigelman, Elias Touil, Guy-Carl Dubé and Rémi Hermoso.

Sound recording and mixing :
Sylvaine Arnaud

Assistants :
Jean-François Vézina and Mathew Higden

Film mixing:
Gaël Poisson-Lemay and Sylvaine Arnaud

Recorded and filmed at Studios Piccolo

Mixed at Sophronik studio

With the support of the Canada Council for the Arts’ Digital Present program.

* In the Horn Concerto, Gabriel Trottier’s compositional interpretation is inspired by an excerpt from the graphic score of L’Amour des oiseaux moches by Symon Henry.